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Carousel print mini Backpack

Carousel print mini Backpack

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Discover the world in fashion with these meticulously crafted mini Backpacks! The vibrant, abstract design showcases playful, colorful textiles and is guaranteed to catch the eye no matter where your journeys lead. Benefit from practical elements such as flexible shoulder straps and a carrying handle, allowing you to bring the thrill of adventure with you!

Handmade mini backpacks - the perfect balance of cuteness, compactness, and durability suitable for all ages to savor and utilize. Whether as a quirky lunch bag, convenient shopping bag, or a playful toy bag for your little ones, the possibilities are endless!



  • Colours= Orange bag with red straps and a handle, 
  • 100% cotton canvas bag with a waterproof lining for easy wipe clean. 
  • With a flap featuring an original print design digitally printed onto 100% cotton.
  • Including bronze accents and hardware with adjustable polypropylene 2.5cm straps.
  • and  a cotton rope for a decorative accent.

H=20cm x W= 20cm x D=12cm

Adjustable Strap full length =87cm 

(disclaimer: small variations may apply as each bag is handmade, you  will be contacted  if any changes are made. Any props/ backgrounds are not a part of the final sale. colours may vary due to personal screens)

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